arreda l'elettronica

Established in 1977 in the Ca' degli Oppi (Verona) region of Italy, Munari today is a leader in the production of the highest quality AV furniture.  Munari's experience throughout the years have established it as one of the most prestigious companies in this field, using the finest materials and integrating the latest technology to produce luxury furniture that is hand-crafted to your requirements.

Given the long history of Italian design, it should come as no surprise that Munari furniture should be considered in the same vein as a Ferrari sports car - each are undeniably beautiful, yet built around function and incorporating the latest technology.  Indeed, the Modena Collection takes its name from the birthplace of Ferrari (and Lamborghini).

Features such as LED lighting and ventilation panels mix the aesthetic with the functional, ensuring that Munari furniture adds style as well as value to your AV system.  Each piece of furniture is built to your specification and there are near limitless permutations of features and styles.

Every piece of Munari furniture uses the finest materials, from tempered safety glass through to scratch-resistance melanine panels in combination with high quality components such as soft-close door hinges and convenient integrated power systems.  

With a choice of colours available to complement your personality or your home decor, Munari represents the ultimate in home AV furniture.  





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