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Peerless makes the ultimate AV connections

Peerless-AV Europe has maintained its exciting launch strategy with the introduction of an innovative AV cables and interconnects range, designed by connectivity guru Ray Phillips and Peerless’ own Jim Edwards. Offered in four quality tiers – ‘Ultimate’, ‘Best’, ‘Better’ and ‘Good’ – including an ultra-thin Slimline HDMI, the range is set to revolutionise the AV connectors industry.

Each tier is intended to offer a connection solution to multiple end-users, with the ‘Ultimate’ Omega heading up an HDMI range which uniquely provides HDMI 1.4 specification from £149.99 all the way down to the ‘Better’ Delta at £39.99. This is the very latest HDMI standard which is vital for true 3D viewing, features high speed with Ethernet connection and effectively future-proofs far beyond 1080p.

Omega has been designed to offer the ultimate performance fromf high-end home cinema equipment, in particular the forthcoming 3D Blu-Ray and TV displays coming from companies such as Panasonic and Samsung. As well as being HDMI 1.4-ready and high-speed with Ethernet, it includes twin RFI/EFI filters, with an additional filter supplied for use on TV power cables.

Looking the part with a solid brass head-shell with black mirror finish and chrome inlay, it’s electrically insulated to the highest standards, has 24k ‘hard’ gold cable contacts, and boasts oversized silver plated PCOFC copper conductors, which provide the digital signal with more headroom. Omega is available in 1 and 2 metre lengths, at £129.99 and £149.99.

Sigma (‘Best’) complements Omega as a more affordable high-end solution, with HDMI, stereo RCA, digital coaxial, digital optical and Scart. The Sigma HDMI boasts silver-plated OFC conductors for exceptional signal transfer, is also HDMI 1.4 and high speed with Ethernet with twin RFI/EFI filters, and is designed with chrome and gun-metal plated solid metal head-shell and braided cable sheath – with nitrogen-injected PE foam for electrical insulation and 24k hard gold. It costs £69.99 for 1 metre and £89.99 for 2 metre lengths.

The ultra-thin, 2 metre Slimline (‘Better’) is intended for connecting to wall-mounted super-slim LED TVs. It has been specially tooled with a 90 degree connector at one end that only projects 14mm from the rear of the screen once fitted, and has a low profile 3mm flat cable. This is the perfect product to complement the Peerless Slimline wallmounts range, enabling screens to be positioned closer to the wall than ever before, is also HDMI 1.4 and high speed with Ethernet, and costs £59.99.

The Delta (also ‘Better’) series is intended for those wanting to up the ante on performance – with a mid-range, superior upgrade within reach of the typical consumer. HDMI 1.4 and high speed with Ethernet, Delta is available in 1, 2 and 5 metre lengths across nine different cable options, including HDMI (also available in 3 metre lengths), component, Scart, digital coaxial and digital optical – 17 product options in total. The HDMI option costs £39.99 for 1 metre and £49.99 for 2 metre lengths.

Alpha (‘Good’) is the ideal ‘first upgrade’ cable, a represents a significant improvement from cabling generally supplied with AV equipment. There are 25 cable options in total, including HDMI, component, Scart, digital coaxial and digital optical, at 1, 2 and 5 metre lengths. All cables are double-shielded with OFC copper conductors.

All Peerless cables and interconnects make extensive use of easy-to-understand icons to allow the consumer to choose the right cable for them, showing clearly which AV component can be connected to another.

“The Peerless AV Connectivity range is just what the market has been waiting for,” says Gordon Dutch, Managing Director of Peerless-AV Europe. “A range of top-to-bottom cables which suit all types of end-users, and provide – with the Ultimate and Best options – the last-word in cable technology for today’s high-end screens and source products, particularly the up-and-coming 3D launches and super-slim LED TVs.”


About Peerless Industries
Peerless Industries, Inc. is a 68-year old designer, manufacturer and distributor of A/V solutions including flat panel mount, projector mounts, carts/stands, furniture, cables, screen cleaners and a full assortment of accessories. Peerless manufactures over 3,600 products that serve original equipment manufacturers, retailers and commercial installers in 25 vertical markets through direct salespeople and authorized distribution.

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Now one of the fastest growing distributors in Europe.  BBG are the exclusive UK representatives for premium brands including PEERLESS. This is complemented by BBG's rapidly growing Pro-AV Division, all of which gives BBG a portfolio of products and services that are hard to beat.

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