Delta AV Cables - the better choice

DELTA AV cables from Peerless-AV are the choice for when you want to get more performance from your system.  Precision engineered, DELTA cables use superior materials such as PCOFC conductors and RFI/EMI filters to deliver superior AV performance.  The gunmetal-plated zinc headshells reflect the quality and performance that all DELTA AV cables deliver.

Featured Product
Peerless-AV Delta High Speed HDMI® Cable with Ethernet
10m Cable with Active Signal Booster  
Sometimes there is no substitute for the reliability and simplicity that a wired connection brings. Our Delta Professional HDMI® cable has been designed to satisfy the requirements of the new generation of UltraHD devices over a lengthy 10m (32.8ft) cable run.  
Peerless-AV Delta High Speed HDMI® Cable with Ethernet
HDMI plug to HDMI plug
Connect your Blu-Ray player, Cable/Satellite receiver to an LCD/Plasma TV or compatible device.  
Peerless-AV Delta Digital Optical Audio Cables
TOSlink plug to TOSlink plug
Connect your TV, Blu-ray or DVD player to a Home Cinema system or soundbar.


Peerless-AV Delta Aerial Coaxial Cables
Coax plug to Coax plug + adaptor
Connect your Digital Set Top Box, DVD recorder or PVR to a TV or aerial point.