SVI Magazine - It Was 20 Years Ago Today

The September 2013 Issue of SVI (Sound, Vision, Install) features a double-page spread recounting the life and times of BBG Distribution Ltd.  In the feature, SVi talks to Managing Director Gordon Dutch and Director of Consumer Sales Debbie Simms to discover what's new, what remains the same and what BBG has planned next...

   BBG Head Office, Watford

It’s a frightening thought that some readers will be too young to remember 1993. That year, the European Community became a Union, Jurassic Park was thrilling cinema audiences and Ford unveiled the first Mondeo. And eerily reminiscent of the economic climate today, the UK was taking baby steps out of recession. In the midst of this all, a young man named Gordon Dutch was establishing what was to become BBG.

Gordon will freely admit to being many things to many people; one thing he certainly isn’t is a character you forget. A trainee lawyer turned rock star turned respectable Managing Director, 20 years on Gordon remains charged with the same effervescent energy that has ignited 1001 ideas, discussions and perhaps, the secret of youth? “I never really thought about us being 20 years old until our finance director mentioned it last year. I remember the first day we opened, having had to build our first offices, which I even helped plaster!”

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