Peerless-AV Slimline Series Aerial Audio Visual Cable
Cable length 2m - 5m

Part Number: SL-AC02 (2m) | SL-AC05 (5m)

Product Description

When space is limited and you require a discreet installation, Peerless-AV’s Slimline aerial cables are the ideal choice. Perfect for wall mounted ultra thin TVs, Slimline cables maintain the lowest profiles without sacrificing features or performance. A right-angled Coax plug allows the aerial cable to exit directly downwards from the rear of your TV, protruding no more than 14mm.

The highest quality materials such as PCOFC signal conductors, PCOFC braid over aluminium foil shielding and twin ferrites protect the cable from interference from external radio (RFI) and electromagnetic (EMI) interference with the chrome-plated headshells and gold-plated contacts delivering enhanced durability. The supplied adaptor allows a Coax plug to be converted to a socket increasing connection versatility.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact right-angled connector protrudes no more than 14mm from rear of TV
  • 24k hard gold-plated contacts for improved signal transfer and extended contact durability
  • Pure Crystal Oxygen Free Copper (PCOFC) conductors further minimise potential signal distortion
  • Multiple cable shielding - PCOFC braiding over aluminium foil together with twin ferrites provides outstanding resistance to external RFI and EMI noise
  • Alloy headshells finished in gunmetal
  • Included Coax plug=to-socket adaptor converts either end of cable from plug to socket for increased versatility
Part No.
Headshell material
Cable Length
SL-AC02 Coax plug to Coax plug with adaptor
Gunmetal alloy
SL-AC05 Coax plug to CoaxI plug with adaptor Gunmetal alloy 5m

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