Which Wall Mount Do I Need?  
Knowing which TV wall mount is the right one for you is just a matter of two questions.  The first is knowing your TV's screen size (corresponding to the size and weight capacity of mounts suitable for your TV).  The next question is knowing what level of functionality you desire - different types of mount offer an enhanced viewing experience beyond simply wall mounting your TV:
Flat   Tilt
A Flat TV mount is the simplest solution for wall mounting a flat panel TV - yet one of the most elegant.  A low profile flat mount allows the TV to be mounted almost flush to the wall, maximising the sleek, thin lines of the TV and creating a more contemporary viewing environment.  And as with any wall mounted screen solution, frees up floor space.   On a bedroom wall, the flat panel TV may be positioned a touch higher than eye level.  A Tilt mount has an adjustable angle to counteract on-screen reflections from sunlight that shines through the windows or even indoor room lights that cast a glare on the screen. The tilt mechanism spaces the TV a touch further off from the wall, which will also provide easy access to the back of the TV.
Pivot   Full Motion

A Pivot mount combines a range of functions with a subtle, practical appeal.  For a room that has more than one usual viewing spot, you can achieve a close-to-the-wall look while also gaining side-to-side swivel and up-and-down tilt action. With enough control to position the flat panel TV for better viewing angles, even opposite ends of the room, the flexibility is an attractive functional luxury for the home.   A Full Motion wall mount gives your TV the widest range of viewing adjustability - tilt up/down, swivel side-to-side, even extend out from the wall and retract back.  No matter if the shape of your room limits where the TV can be mounted, changing light conditions or different family members encourage multiple viewing positions, a Full Motion wall mount offers maximum versatility and the very best viewing angle.