The Right Cable Brand For You
Today’s flat panel TVs, cable/satellite receivers, surround sound speaker systems etc. are capable of delivering breathtaking audio and video reproduction. Similarly, smartphones and tablets are capable of processing and outputting data at amazing speeds. However the performance of any system can be severely limited by using low quality cables to connect different components. Peerless-AV Cables use proven, traditional cable construction techniques and the highest quality materials which are then fine-tuned to the cables’ specific purpose. Technology never stands still and we have been amongst the earliest adopters of the High Speed HDMI® with Ethernet standard across our entire HDMI range, capable of over 18Gbps data transfer and delivering UltraHD / 4K picture resolutions at 60 frames per second.
The Sigma Series represents the very highest level of Peerless-AV cable technology.  For uncompromising picture and sound reproduction, Sigma HDMI® cables are the first choice, using oversized Pure Crystal Oxygen Free Copper conductors with a Silver coating for the very best signal transfer/
  Slimline® HDMI® and Aerial cables are the perfect complement to your ultra-thin TV mounted on an ultra-slim wall mount, or any situation where a discreet, compact cable solution is required.  Both Slimline HDMI and Aerial cables make the best use of available space to maximise both living room aesthetics and AV performance.

Peerless-AV's Delta Series of cables is the next step in upgrading your cabling. 
  The right accessory can be the perfect finishing touch to your TV wall mount, adding extra functionality and adding value.  A column system that conceals cabling or an integral shelf system that blends seamlessly with your new system - accessorise with Peerless-AV.

With a keen sense of quality and prestige, the PerfectMount® series is the universal standard of excellence for which every other mount on the market strives. We've achieved the undeniable, contemporary allure of mounts that hold the TV close to the wall, operate flawlessly and allow for easy installation on any wall surface in the home. The PerfectMount® series is the comprehensive, trendsetting solution for quality flat panel TVs that demand professional-grade function with extraordinary looks.