NorStone AV Furniture

NorStone offers a complete range of AV Furniture, including Hi-fi racks and speaker stands to cover a wide variety of applications at competitive prices which includes the new Valmy model from NorStone's signature Edition Collection.  Tried and tested best sellers such as the Esse epitomise the brand, with stylish yet practical design utilising strong and reliable materials. All NorStone AV furniture has been created to house AV equipment with elegance and simplicity. 

Featured Product

NorStone Edition Valmy
Designer TV Cabinet for Curved Screens up to 60"
The Valmy is the first NorStone stand designed and built for curved screens. It features rounded and softened lines so it matches perfectly with the contours of your curved UltraHD TV. It has two curved drawers across the entire 1500mm width to match the dimensions of new large screen TVs. The Valmy features a StoneGloss finish to ensure longevity, permanent gloss and a unique look
NorStone Cikor

Designer TV Cabinet for screens up to 80"
An imposing piece of furniture with bold lines, the flawless brilliance of the glossy finish and the upper glass surface produce a genuine design harmony.  
NorStone Baho
Designer TV Cabinet for screens up to 70"
The Baho instantly captivates with its impeccable style, yet remains extremely functional for holding all your electronic components, both sound and video.  


NorStone Khalm
Designer TV Cabinet for screens up to 47"
Sleek and refined, this piece of AV furniture features a compartment with a swing door that allows infra-red remote control signals to pass through.  
NorStone Esse
TV Stand for screens up to 50"
The best-selling Esse TV Stand an open design giving easy access to your AV equipment, with three shelves giving ample room for your TV and components.  


NorStone Esse Stands

Speaker Stands
Each Esse Stand supports speakers up to 34kg (75lbs) and routes speaker cables within the stand structure for a clean and tidy appearance.  
NorStone Esse HiFi

HiFi Rack and for screens up to 32"
With four shelves the Esse HiFi is perfect for siting AV separates with the top shelf able to accommodate TVs up to 32".


NorStone Piu

HiFi Rack and for screens up to 28"
With four shelves, the Piu is perfect for siting AV separates with the top shelf able to accommodate TVs up to 28" / 30kg in weight.
NorStone Bergen2
Audiophile HiFi Rack
Designed for the audiophile listener who do not want their audio enjoyment spoilt by unwanted vibrations or resonances coming from the furniture itself  



NorStone Stylum2

Audiophile Speaker Stands
Each Stylum 2 stand supports speakers up to 50kg (110lbs) and can be filled with sand inside the main structure to lower the resonance frequency.